A Horse Should Just be a Horse

I got out to the barn a little late today, so I only had time to ride one pony. BT asked if I wanted to ride Tulip, a medium grey, Welsh pony. She’s the cutest little pony! We got mounted and went for a quick hack around the lake. The logging company is still cutting trees, so BT told me to pay attention; Tulip is young and a bit spooky. The entire ride she was a bit looky, but for a young pony, she was bombproof! I know very old, very well trained show horses that would have left their riders high and dry if they had been on the trail with all that commotion going on in the woods. I’m more and more impressed with BT’s horses every time I go to her barn. They need conditioning and flatwork, but they all have wonderful conformation. They’re all healthy, well maintained and cared for. They’re all basically bombproof, no bucking, no bad habits. They’re horses, they act like horses. No diva show horses that are scared of their own shadow. No temperamental fancy horses that get hurt or sick at the drop of a hat. They’re all just horses!

After our short hack, we went to the ring. BT told me I could take Tulip over a few fences if I’d like, and she agreed to film me again. I could tell Tulip is young, she jumps great and is very brave to the fences, but her steering and balance leave a lot for improvement. We did a few small, unimpressive courses at a trot. She was all over the place with the approach, I know a lot of these problems have to do with me, but I can tell she needs a lot of steering work. I forgot to mention, this bombproof, brave to fences pony is a 5 year old who was only started under saddle this summer. I’d say she’s doing pretty great to be inexperienced! I wish all green ponies were as easy as her.

My trainer finally responded to my text. He told me I’d be able to come out for a lesson either that Saturday or Monday of next week. I told him I was busy that Saturday, but I was free Monday and asked what time he wanted me to come. Unfortunately I haven’t heard from my trainer since. I’m still waiting for his response.


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