A Day Full of Ponies

Even though I was sore and exhausted from the fox hunt yesterday, I headed back out to BT’s barn to work some ponies.

We decided to take Jolly and BT’s horse out for a hack. I like working in the ring where it’s easy to focus, but working outside on the trails is a great way to condition the horses. The main thing her ponies need is conditioning since they haven’t been in consistent work for a while.

There’s a logging company, cutting trees and leveling things out, back deep in the woods. They’ve got the place in a huge mess, so we kept running out of places to ride. After about half an hour, we headed back to the ring. I did a little flatwork with Jolly, before popping him over a few fences. He really loves to jump, I could tell yesterday at the fox hunt. Every time the group would go to a jump he would perk up and get excited! After we passed a few jumps, that day, he got really frustrated. I figured I’d make it up to him today by letting him go over a few jumps. Since we were taking it easy, we just trotted over a few small fences, but he really seemed to enjoy it! I asked BT if she’d film us jumping with my phone. After watching myself ride, I must say I’ve got a lot of work to do!

We finished with Jolly and Blaze, then mounted right back up. This time I was on a big, black mare named Brianna. BT rode Trick Me Not, the other pony that went hunting with us. We took these two for a hack too, but just a light trot around the closest lake so we’d avoid the loggers. As soon as we started trotting it felt like Bri was slightly lame. BT said she couldn’t see it, but told me that Bri had been out of work for a while. After a little bit of trotting she felt better, but I didn’t wanna push it. We headed back to the barn and I put Bri away.

BT asked me if I wanted to school Trick in the ring, since he didn’t get much of a work out. I hopped on and we walked out to the ring. I rode in BT’s saddle and didn’t adjust the stirrups, they were really long but I figured it wasn’t a big deal since we were just doing flatwork. Trick is a very flashy little bay, I had assumed he was some breed of pony. While I was schooling him, BT told me he was actually a Thoroughbred who was trained to be a race horse, he had 9 starts and never did well. I can’t imagine why, he’s so short! But he’s absolutely adorable! I really liked the way he moved, but he was pretty unbalanced and didn’t bend very well. We worked for a while, doing circles and serpentines. He seemed more interested in the jumps. I think its great to jump, but without good flatwork your trip isn’t going to look very nice, no matter how well he jumps or how good your equitation is.

BT and I talked a little, after my ride. I explained to her that I’d really like to work on getting the ponies going good on the flat and she really liked that idea.
I’m still trying to schedule a lesson with my trainer, but he hasn’t responded to any of my texts.


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